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What are the minimum requirements for the NexySoft Server Based edition?

  • Hard wired internet (CAT 5 wire cable)
  • Internet modem
  • Network router

Hardware Specifications:

  • Operating systems: Windows 2000/ME/XP/7/8
  • 512  MB RAM
  • 50 GB Hard disk available Space

For regular computers, any model satisfying our minimum requirements is perfect; as for touch-screens, we recommend the HP all-in-one Touch Smart, 23 inches.

Specifications for the server provided by NexySoft:

64 bits CPU, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD

T-Bar Requirements:

  • Arm mount (to fix the screen on T-BAR, allows the screen to pivot from one side to the other)
  • Wall mount (to fix the screen on the wall)

Suggestions (not mandatory):

  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) battery to protect in case of power failure
  • A Printer (print receipts and others)
How long will it take to be up and running with NexySoft?
On your installation day, we will do the installation and configuration of your system, and the training of your staff on NexySoft. We will make sure that you have everything you need so that the FOLLOWING DAY you can be up and running with your new clinic management system.
Is NexySoft installation done remotely or on-site?
Although all our installations are done remotely, we do offer the option to upgrade to a 2 days on-site installation. If you are interested in having a NexySoft technical operator coming directly to your office, please contact your NexySoft agent for further information.
How exactly will you do the remote installation?
A remote installation allow us to set up your installation sooner and at a time that works best for YOU. We connect to your computer remotely, through internet,  so you can see on your screen everything that we do. We also call you and it’s as if we are sitting right next to you!
How can I import data from my current system into NexySoft?
You don’t have to worry about that, we will take care  of your data importation for you.


What is the difference between a Work Station, a Schedule and a Professional license?
Work Station license
The number of computers that NexySoft will be installed on. If NexySoft needs to be installed on 6 computers, you will need 6 work station licenses.

Schedule license
The number of schedules that NexySoft will manage without the digital patient files. A professional who is not using the digital patient files will require a schedule license.

Professional license
The number of professionals who will be using the digital patient files. I  you have 4 chiropractors, you will need 4 professional licenses.

Do the Work Station, Schedule and Professional licenses apply to the Cloud Based Edition as well?
No, they only apply to the NexySoft Server Based edition. The Cloud Based edition works differently since you can access it from anywhere and any devices; it uses user licenses.

User license
The numbers of people using NexySoft, regardless of this person being a receptionist or a professionals. If you have 3 receptionists and 3 chiropractors you will need 6 user licenses.

Can I purchase the Professional version, without the Administrative version?
No, it is not possible as the information of the digital patient files are taken from the information added in the Administrative version. You can purchase the Administrative version without the digital patient files, but you cannot do the opposite.
What are the main differences of the NexySoft Server Based and Cloud Based editions?
  • The Server Based is a purchase; the Cloud Based is a monthly service payment.
  • The Server Based you own it; the Cloud Based you have a minimum commitment of 6 months.
  • The Server Based runs on Windows; the Cloud Based runs on any processors: Windows, Mac, Android.
  • The Server Based is independent of the internet; the Cloud Based runs only with internet.
  • The Server Based you can access to your NexySoft from your computers that have the system installed on it; the Cloud Based you can access the system from anywhere and any devices.
  • The Server Based you have your data stored on a sever directly in your office; the Cloud Based your have your data stored on a server in the cloud.
If I subscribe to NexyCash, do I have to register to both payment processing?
No, you can register to only eCheck processing or only credit card processing. You can also add the credit card later on, if you wish to start with only the eCheck.


When my free months of unlimited services are over, do I have to get a technical support plan?
You do not have to get a technical support plan if your clinic does not require dedicated support and/or specific services. However, we do have a variety of monthly plans to fit every clinics’ needs.  At all time you can go in and out of your selected plan in order to adapt your services with your changing needs.
Where can I see which NexySoft version am I currently using?
1) When you first open up your NexySoft, at the bottom of the login window.

2) Directly in NexySoft, Help menu –>About NexySoft.

How can I upload my signature and my logo into NexySoft?
During the initial configuration of NexySoft, we will add your signature and logo for you. However, if later on you decide to change logo or signature, you can easily do it yourself by following those steps:

Tools menu–>Preferences–>Company–>At the top left corner click the modify button and select the new file.

Tools menu–>Preferences–>Company–>Signatures–>Click on the name of the professional, then the modify button and select the new file.

Can I print reports in different languages?
The general reports of the clinic will be printed in the language that NexySoft has been configured.
However, the reports and invoices generated for a patient will be printed in his/her main spoken language: English, French or Spanish.
Who should I contact if I want to subscribe to NexyCash?
Please send an email to nexycash@nexysoft.com indicating which payment processing you wish to register for; credit card and eCheck, or just either one of them. We will get back to you shortly with the specific steps.
Still can't find your answer?For non-members, please email your questions to info@nexysoft.com. For all members you may contact our technical support:Support
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